"After many years spent working in the vineyards - which to this day remain part of his grandpa's legacy - and after countless travels to study the various methods adopted by wineries around the world, Sergio Bellia established his Corte Bacaro Wine Estate in 2009. Together with his son Mirko, Sergio decided to carry on the family tradition with the clear aim of producing wines that would stand out for their exclusive character and their ability to express the unique terroir of this age-old wine region.

The Estate lies inland from Venice, on the expansive flood plain that slopes down to the sea, more specifically in a place called Portogruaro, home to Venezia DOC wines and nestled amongst the Lison Pramaggiore DOC vineyards after which the much lauded Lison DOCG is named.

Corte Bacaro's vine-clad fields enjoy optimal sunlight exposure and soil composition boasting great structure and strength, supporting a selection of both native and imported varieties.
Armed with an intimate knowledge of this area and its physical, biological and alchemical processes - what might be termed a "Sense of place" - Sergio and Mirko have selected grapes based on their adaptability and what sensory qualities they typically deliver. They have also retained the original old vineyards and have managed to update the growing and winemaking process to achieve more contemporary wines: well-structured reds with conspicuous notes of red fruit; and aromatic whites that lend themselves to ageing. What we have here are wines that truly have a point of difference, standing apart from all the rest, to such an extent that they have surely earned those numerous national and international accolades.

The key to Corte Bacaro's accomplishments lies in reducing yield per hectare, improving the existing vineyards, and planting new vines with a high number of plants per hectare. Over the space of just a few years, the business has invested heavily and taken on major work in the vineyards, all the while being mindful of the ecosystem. However, the Estate has shown that the application of cutting-edge techniques and equipment does not have to be at odds with modern principles of environmental sustainability. With an A+ rating for energy efficiency - partly for its use of photovoltaic panels, but also for adopting good soil drainage practice to ensure rainwater can be recovered - visitors cannot help but appreciate how in tune the Estate is with the surrounding countryside and admire the work of the winery around them."

Wineyards in Portogruaro Venice Italy


The soil at Portogruaro is rich in limestone and calcareous clay. The vineyards are located in the renowned Lison DOCG area, just a few kilometres from the Venetian coast.

The climate is mild with strong daytime temperature fluctuations and continuously alternating winds, dry and cool from the north, damp and warm from the south.

The results achieved by Corte Bacaro are based on reduced yield per hectare, refinement of existing vineyards and the setting up of new ones with a high number of plants per hectare.

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